Gypsy show

Bright and incendiary. Indomitable and noble. Gypsies are artists at the call of the heart. Born for success, audience love and sympathy. Karafetov Show turns everyday life into a bright holiday and any celebration into a firework of emotions. An explosive mixture of passionate feelings, unbridled characters and explosive numbers. The show which is worth your attention!


Turnkey in any style

Any of your celebration, memorable event, birthday, wedding, corporate or banquet. We will take care of all the hassle of organizing and holding the event.
- Sound and light equipment
— Leading
— DJ
— Musicians
— Decorator services
— Fun show
— Animators
— Selection of restaurants, banquet halls
— Catering
Rely on our professionalism and experience and you will receive a full range of holiday services. We will make the holiday unforgettable for the most discerning and demanding customers.

A little about Karafetov show

Real. Professional. Decent. Sincere. Music, songs and dances that come from the heart. V. Karafetov's gypsy show is one big family of artists who cannot imagine their life without a stage. And for more than one year they have been bringing joy to the viewer and generously sharing their talents. This is only live performance, live vocals. A voice that penetrates to the depths of the soul and sinks into the very heart. V. Karafetov's pure baritone is a rare timbre of a male voice. His songs contain and harmoniously combine lyrical softness, and hooligan impudence, and desperate anguish. Within the show both songs are performed that have already become gypsy classics and author's songs that have managed to make the listener fall in love with them and have become hits. His touring activities cover more than a dozen countries, he has more than a thousand performances under his belt. He is a frequent and welcome guest at events of various levels, from massive city parties to private parties. This once again confirms the honesty of his title - Honored Variety Artist of Ukraine. The dance show deserves special attention. Never before have gypsy dances been so hot, passionate and sincere. The show's authentic, colorful and lush costumes are uniquely impressive and represent the cultural traditions of the gypsies.



The show of Vladimir Karafetov is something extraordinary. This is an energy that drives you crazy, that sweeps away everything in its path, that makes you really happy, that makes your hearts beat faster, feel alive and enjoy life!

Sergey Moskalenko (Black Jack)

I want to write not as a person who invites Vladimir Karafetov to the celebration, but as a presenter who performs with the artist on the same stage. By virtue of my activity, I have been regularly holding events in Ukraine for over 10 years, having colossal personal experience of performing with artists of different genres and "stardom", I can safely say that if an HONORED ARTIST OF THE UKRAINIAN VARIETY VLADIMIR KARAFETOV performs at your holiday, it means that a wave of musical and dance fireworks is guaranteed to cover all guests. I have witnessed numerous holidays, when Vova went on stage and the holiday had a "third breath"! Vova is forever. When, after an hour's concert, Vova asks the guests: “What shall I sing?” Everyone shouts back: “My Kharkiv”!!! ... and long time ago not even Kharkiv residents fell in love with this one and his other songs thanks to Vova . I am sure that these words can be confirmed by my colleagues and many happy customers!!! For the concerts fans are ready to follow him to Kiev and Kemer.

Igor Vlasenko

I have been cooperating with Vladimir and his show for more than 5 years as a holiday organizer. Based on my experience, I can say that Karafetov-Show is a win-win! Always with maximum drive and fun. Soul songs and dances with a soul! There was not a single holiday where their performance was unnoticed. Moreover, the guests are eager to dance during their performance. Simply put, Vladimir's performance and his show are an hour of great mood and 100% fun.

Maxim Matskivsky

We invited Vladimir and his show to our corporate party. To say that it was cool is to say nothing! Everyone sang and danced with him and his guys!!!!!! I was shocked such things happen. I hope that this year you will also be with us on our company anniversary.

Inna Kulik

I have been familiar with the work of the Karafetov show for 10 years! Last years not a single event is complete without their participation! In my opinion, this is the best of all gypsy bands I have ever heard or seen! I am grateful that these artists always make my celebrations unforgettably colorful!

Svetlana Arikh

We ordered V.Karafetov's gypsy show for my husband's anniversary. I didn’t regret it for a second! Very cool gypsies. Congratulations for my husband were just a bomb!!! He still remembers. Vladimir is a very nice person he sang 2 more songs as an encore. The guests were also pleased, although many of them were very skeptical before his performance.

Tatiana Onegina

Thanks guys, they really helped out. Within a couple of days, they prepared and held such a holiday! Nice to see how real professionals work!

Kirill E.