Direct store Bilstein B4 Front and Rear Shock Kit For 00- Passat VW Absorbers VW,Shock,/legislatively1988793.html,Front,B4,,Passat,Absorbers,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Kit,and,Bilstein,00-,For,$177,Rear VW,Shock,/legislatively1988793.html,Front,B4,,Passat,Absorbers,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Kit,and,Bilstein,00-,For,$177,Rear $177 Bilstein B4 Front and Rear Shock Absorbers Kit For VW Passat 00- Automotive Replacement Parts $177 Bilstein B4 Front and Rear Shock Absorbers Kit For VW Passat 00- Automotive Replacement Parts Direct store Bilstein B4 Front and Rear Shock Kit For 00- Passat VW Absorbers

Direct store Bilstein B4 Max 45% OFF Front and Rear Shock Kit For 00- Passat VW Absorbers

Bilstein B4 Front and Rear Shock Absorbers Kit For VW Passat 00-


Bilstein B4 Front and Rear Shock Absorbers Kit For VW Passat 00-

Product description

Kit Content: 2 x Bilstein Front B4 OE Replacement Shock Absorbers / 2 x Bilstein Rear B4 OE Replacement Shock Absorbers

Bilstein B4 Front and Rear Shock Absorbers Kit For VW Passat 00-

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