CanDo Detroit Mall Wrist - Forearm Exerciser X-Large Bal and Yellow Handle $24 CanDo Wrist - Forearm Exerciser, X-Large, Yellow, Handle and Bal Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment Wrist,/grazierdom1988890.html,Forearm,Exerciser,,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,-,X-Large,,Bal,and,Yellow,,CanDo,$24,,Handle Wrist,/grazierdom1988890.html,Forearm,Exerciser,,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,-,X-Large,,Bal,and,Yellow,,CanDo,$24,,Handle $24 CanDo Wrist - Forearm Exerciser, X-Large, Yellow, Handle and Bal Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment CanDo Detroit Mall Wrist - Forearm Exerciser X-Large Bal and Yellow Handle

CanDo Detroit Mall Wrist - Forearm Exerciser X-Large Bal Ranking TOP14 and Yellow Handle

CanDo Wrist - Forearm Exerciser, X-Large, Yellow, Handle and Bal


CanDo Wrist - Forearm Exerciser, X-Large, Yellow, Handle and Bal

Product description

The CanDo Wrist/Forearm Exerciser allows the practice of repetitive functional movement to rehabilitate the wrists and forearms.
Use it to practice exercises such as flexion, extension, pronation, supination, as well as ulnar and radial deviation in the hand and wrist.
It is perfect for patients just beginning rehabilitation because of how little physical strength is needed to be used.
Use the semi-spheres and handles together or use the semi-sphere individually.
This set comes with 1 extra large – yellow semi-sphere and handle.

CanDo Wrist - Forearm Exerciser, X-Large, Yellow, Handle and Bal

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