Booboda Women Strawberry Print Dress Puff Sleeve Short High quality Mesh Deep $22 Booboda Women Strawberry Print Dress Mesh Puff Short Sleeve Deep Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Booboda Women Strawberry Print Dress Puff Sleeve Short High quality Mesh Deep $22 Booboda Women Strawberry Print Dress Mesh Puff Short Sleeve Deep Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Print,Women,$22,Puff,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,/grazierdom137790.html,Dress,Short,Booboda,Deep,Strawberry,Mesh,Sleeve, Print,Women,$22,Puff,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,/grazierdom137790.html,Dress,Short,Booboda,Deep,Strawberry,Mesh,Sleeve,

Booboda Women Boston Mall Strawberry Print Dress Puff Sleeve Short High quality Mesh Deep

Booboda Women Strawberry Print Dress Mesh Puff Short Sleeve Deep


Booboda Women Strawberry Print Dress Mesh Puff Short Sleeve Deep

Product description

Product information:

  1. Features:Casual,Short Sleeve,Puff Sleeve ,Women Dress .
  2. Material:Polyeste,Made from high quality fabric, lightweight soft and comfortable.
  3. Style:This Dress Very Comfortable,can be Great under jackets or alone, worn with heels, or flats,just the way you like
  4. Occasion: Dating,Casual,Party,Beach, For work,At home Vacationand more. Suit for Autumn and Spring.
  5. PLEASE NOTE: Hand wash. Our clothes all are designed for Asian figure, which means would be smaller than normal European sizes. Please refer to our own size chart, and you can find it in our pictures or from the description.
  6. What you get:1PC Women Dress.

▼▼Dear friends, come and take a look at my shop, there will be surprises!

Size Chart (Unit:cm/inch)

ღ Size:M ღ ----

Booboda Women Strawberry Print Dress Mesh Puff Short Sleeve Deep

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