For Ranger A surprise price is realized Aerostar B2300 B3000 B4000 Slot Rot Front Drill Brake $125 For Ranger,Aerostar,B2300,B3000,B4000 Front Drill/Slot Brake Rot Automotive Replacement Parts,For,Drill/Slot,$125,/gilse352287.html,Front,Ranger,Aerostar,B2300,B3000,B4000,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Rot,Brake $125 For Ranger,Aerostar,B2300,B3000,B4000 Front Drill/Slot Brake Rot Automotive Replacement Parts For Ranger A surprise price is realized Aerostar B2300 B3000 B4000 Slot Rot Front Drill Brake,For,Drill/Slot,$125,/gilse352287.html,Front,Ranger,Aerostar,B2300,B3000,B4000,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Rot,Brake

For Ranger A surprise price is realized quality assurance Aerostar B2300 B3000 B4000 Slot Rot Front Drill Brake

For Ranger,Aerostar,B2300,B3000,B4000 Front Drill/Slot Brake Rot


For Ranger,Aerostar,B2300,B3000,B4000 Front Drill/Slot Brake Rot

Product Description

eLINE Series Brake Kit

eLINE Series Brake Rotors provide high-quality stopping power. With our state-of-the-art technology, your brake rotors will last longer and ensure your vehicle’s safety for thousands of miles to come. All eLINE Series Brake Rotors are designed for direct fit: no modifications are required.

Patterns for any purpose

  • BLANKS: Replacement rotors are not drilled or slotted, but offer equal quality as your OEM rotors.

    • Great for: All Purpose, Daily

  • DRILLED: Crossed Drilled rotors reduce the heat that builds on the rotor by up to 105° F. Cross-drilled rotors are also chamfered, which reduces the potential for cracking.

    • Great for: Daily, Street Performance

  • SLOTTED: Diamond Slot Technology rotors remove brake and road debris and prevent pad glazing, extending the life of the pad and the rotor. The diamond tipped ends provide an indicator for rotor replacement. When the tips are gone, rotor replacement is necessary.

    • Great for: Daily, Light Track/Rally, Towing/Hauling, Off-Road, Street Performance

  • DRILLED and SLOTTED: Cross-Drilled and Diamond Slotted rotors provide the maximum benefits in stopping power, durability and performance.

    • Great for: Daily, Street Performance

Zinc Coated for Corrosion Protection

All of our eLINE Series Brake Rotors, excluding our blank pattern rotors, come with a special zinc plating designed to protect from corrosion. Though some of this corrosion protection will inevitably wear off through use, the rest of the rotor will remain protected. This leads to better appearance, longer life, and overall improved maintenance and replacement costs. Our eLINE Series Brake Rotors are available in silver, black, and gold.

Performance that keeps you safe

Stopping faster means stopping safer. Whether you’re taking your children to a dance recital or hitting the town with your friends, you need to be able to remain in complete control of your vehicle. Reliable and durable, eLINE Series Brake Rotors will get you to your destination safely no matter where you’re going.

A failure to properly maintain and replace your disk brake system will eventually cause your brake system to fail – and that could have disastrous results. Failing to change your brake pads or rotors as needed will also cause additional wear and damage to your car over time.

We’ve poured a tremendous amount of time into the research, manufacturing, and testing of our products to ensure that they can give our customers the performance that they need.

For Ranger,Aerostar,B2300,B3000,B4000 Front Drill/Slot Brake Rot

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