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Apollo Hardware safety Max 44% OFF Green Epoxy Shelves Individual Wire

Apollo Hardware Green Epoxy Wire Shelves(Individual Wire Shelves


Apollo Hardware Green Epoxy Wire Shelves(Individual Wire Shelves

Product Description

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4-Tier Wire Shelving A-4WS0754C 4-Tier Wire Shelving A-4WS1004C 5-Tier Wire Shelving A-5WS1005C 3-Tier Wire Shelving A-3WS2002C 5-Tier Commercial Wire Shelving A-5WS2506C 3-Tier Printer Stand A-3WPS300B
Overall Dimension 15" x 14" x 48" 24" x 14" x 48" 24" x 14" x 60" 36" x 14" x 36" 48" x 14" x 72" 24" x 20" x 27"
Tier 4-Tier 4-Tier 5-Tier 3-Tier 5-Tier 3-Tier
Color Availability Chrome Chrome / Black Chrome / Black / White Chrome Chrome / Black Black / White
NSF Certified
Leveling Feet

Apollo Hardware Green Epoxy Wire Shelves(Individual Wire Shelves

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