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TYC 1-17896 Replacement Starter


TYC 1-17896 Replacement Starter

Product description

Each component of TYC brand automotive starters is a fresh new part; from the armatures, coils, starter drives, and solenoids; to the field case and bearings, each precision-designed component is 100 percentage brand new. 100 percentage new with no recycled or remanufactured components means that your TYC starter is unused by any other vehicle. This improves its reliability over longer periods of time, ensuring that you do not have to find another replacement for the foreseeable future. New TYC Starters are designed specifically for your vehicle and are ready to be installed quickly and easily for a perfect match. Remove, install and go, with minimum downtime for your vehicle. Expect the best, expect more. Expect TYC.

TYC 1-17896 Replacement Starter

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