$23 Giro Comp Racer Socks 3-Pack Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Giro Comp Los Angeles Mall Racer 3-Pack Socks Racer,/foliary61095.html,Comp,Giro,3-Pack,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Socks,$23,show.karafetov.com Giro Comp Los Angeles Mall Racer 3-Pack Socks $23 Giro Comp Racer Socks 3-Pack Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Racer,/foliary61095.html,Comp,Giro,3-Pack,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Socks,$23,show.karafetov.com

Quality inspection Giro Comp Los Angeles Mall Racer 3-Pack Socks

Giro Comp Racer Socks 3-Pack


Giro Comp Racer Socks 3-Pack

Product description

Giro improved the value of one of their most popular socks by making it available in a 3-pack. The Comp Racer™ sets you up with a minimal sock design that's made from premium fibers to wick moisture away and help keep your feet dry and comfortable. Never be without your go-to sock by stocking up on this essential favorite.

• Premium polyester construction
• Classic 3" cuff
• Shoe Size Range: Small: 36 - 39 — Medium: 40 - 42 — Large: 43 - 45 — X-Large: 46 - 48
• Made in Italy

Brand: Giro

Giro Comp Racer Socks 3-Pack

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