Wrought,Handrail,Black,/foliary590895.html,Stairs,,Tools Home Improvement , Building Supplies,1ft-20ft,$46,Industrial,for,Pipe,show.karafetov.com,Iron 1ft-20ft Handrail for Stairs Black Pipe Industrial Wrought Iron Max 81% OFF $46 1ft-20ft Handrail for Stairs, Black Industrial Wrought Iron Pipe Tools Home Improvement Building Supplies $46 1ft-20ft Handrail for Stairs, Black Industrial Wrought Iron Pipe Tools Home Improvement Building Supplies Wrought,Handrail,Black,/foliary590895.html,Stairs,,Tools Home Improvement , Building Supplies,1ft-20ft,$46,Industrial,for,Pipe,show.karafetov.com,Iron 1ft-20ft Handrail for Stairs Black Pipe Industrial Wrought Iron Max 81% OFF

1ft-20ft Handrail for Stairs Black Pipe Industrial Wrought Direct sale of manufacturer Iron Max 81% OFF

1ft-20ft Handrail for Stairs, Black Industrial Wrought Iron Pipe


1ft-20ft Handrail for Stairs, Black Industrial Wrought Iron Pipe

Product description


★ Iron handrails make your home and garden safer. Handrails on stairs, gardens or balconies provide you with extra safety protection. They are a stylish addition to any home or business place.

★ The handrails on the stairs are well supported. The armrest can be used indoors and outdoors, in dry and humid environments, and anywhere where a firm grip is required. It is especially suitable for children, the elderly and people who have difficulty climbing stairs. This is an indispensable help. Easy to install

★ Product Name: Stair Handrail
◆ Material: wrought iron, galvanized pipe
◆ Style: industrial style/loft style
◆ Installation method: drilling installation
◆ Distance to wall: 8 cm
◆ Applicable people: elderly, children, pregnant women, people with limited mobility, etc.
◆ Application: Access to bathroom, bathtub, shower room, bathroom, corridor, villa, loft, bar, apartment, hotel, dormitory, towel rack, etc.

★ Note: Our handrails over 120 cm are divided into several parts for delivery, the maximum size of each part is 120 cm
◆ Size: 30cm-600cm multiple sizes are available (if you need other sizes, please send us an email. We support custom sizes).

★ Scope of supply
◆ 1 x armrest of different sizes
◆ 1 x armrest installation kit

★ Customer Service: If you want to order more sizes, please feel free to contact us via email. Before you are satisfied, we will solve all problems for you and look forward to your order.

1ft-20ft Handrail for Stairs, Black Industrial Wrought Iron Pipe

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