2 ft. Handrail Spring new work - Complete Architectural Alu Anodized Bronze Kit. 2 ft. Handrail Spring new work - Complete Architectural Alu Anodized Bronze Kit. $46 2 ft. Handrail - Complete Kit. Architectural Bronze Anodized Alu Tools Home Improvement Building Supplies $46 2 ft. Handrail - Complete Kit. Architectural Bronze Anodized Alu Tools Home Improvement Building Supplies Tools Home Improvement , Building Supplies,Kit.,2,-,show.karafetov.com,Bronze,Anodized,Alu,/foliary590395.html,Handrail,ft.,$46,Architectural,Complete Tools Home Improvement , Building Supplies,Kit.,2,-,show.karafetov.com,Bronze,Anodized,Alu,/foliary590395.html,Handrail,ft.,$46,Architectural,Complete

2 ft. Genuine Handrail Spring new work - Complete Architectural Alu Anodized Bronze Kit.

2 ft. Handrail - Complete Kit. Architectural Bronze Anodized Alu


2 ft. Handrail - Complete Kit. Architectural Bronze Anodized Alu

Product Description

Promenaid - The only handrail combining elegance, versatility, easy installation and code compliance for every type of construction. Promenaid handrails can climb stairs and navigate any corner or change in slope so you can safely go where you want to go.

Red oak wrapped aluminum handrail with ADA wall returns

Exclusive TrueWood - Strong Aluminum Wrapped With Real Wood

TrueWood is Promenaid's patented aluminum handrail, wrapped in genuine Black Walnut or Red Oak. It's the world’s first and only fully functional handrail system with the warmth and natural beauty of real wood.

Red oak wrapped aluminum handrail with ADA wall returns

Red Oak - Wall Returns

Red oak wrapped aluminum handrail with flush matte nickel endcaps

Red Oak - Flush Endcaps

Black walnut wrapped aluminum handrail with antique brass ADA wall returns

Black Walnut - Wall Returns

Black walnut wrapped aluminum handrail with antique brass flush endcaps

Black Walnut - Flush Endcaps

2 ft. Handrail - Complete Kit. Architectural Bronze Anodized Alu

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