$27 Womens Platform Wedge Slides Sandals Slip-on Bowknot Slippers Fa Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Womens Platform Wedge Slides Max 63% OFF Sandals Bowknot Slippers Slip-on Fa Fa,Womens,Slides,show.karafetov.com,$27,Slippers,Bowknot,Slip-on,Platform,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Wedge,Sandals,/foliary137795.html $27 Womens Platform Wedge Slides Sandals Slip-on Bowknot Slippers Fa Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Fa,Womens,Slides,show.karafetov.com,$27,Slippers,Bowknot,Slip-on,Platform,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Wedge,Sandals,/foliary137795.html Womens Platform Wedge Slides Max 63% OFF Sandals Bowknot Slippers Slip-on Fa

Womens Platform Wedge Slides Max 63% OFF Sandals Bowknot Max 56% OFF Slippers Slip-on Fa

Womens Platform Wedge Slides Sandals Slip-on Bowknot Slippers Fa


Womens Platform Wedge Slides Sandals Slip-on Bowknot Slippers Fa

Product description

1.Womens Platform Wedge Slides Sandals Slip-on Bowknot Slippers Fashion Thick Soles Backless Mules for Comfort

* Shoes Type: Womens Slide sandals

* Occasion: Casual, Daily

* Season: Autumn,Spring,Winter

* Outsole Material: Rubber Sole

* Heel Type: Heeled


Heel to Toe 8.66"(22cm) =US SIZE 3 =CN 34

Heel to Toe 8.85"(22.5cm) =US SIZE 4,5 =CN 35

Heel to Toe 9.05"(23cm) =US SIZE 5.5 =CN 36

Heel to Toe 9.25"(23.5cm) =US SIZE 6 =CN 37

Heel to Toe 9.44"(24cm) =US SIZE 6.5,7 =CN 38

Heel to Toe 9.64"(24.5cm) =US SIZE 7.5,8 =CN 39

Heel to Toe 9.84"(25cm) =US SIZE 8.5 =CN 40

Heel to Toe 10.03"(25.5cm) =US SIZE 9 =CN 41

Heel to Toe 10.23"(26cm) =US SIZE 9.5,10 =CN 42

Heel to Toe 10.43"(26.5cm) =US SIZE 11 =CN 43

Heel to Toe 10.62"(27cm) =US SIZE 12 =CN 44

Heel to Toe 10.82"(27.5cm) =US SIZE 13 =CN 45

Heel to Toe 11.02"(28cm) =US SIZE 14 =CN 46

Heel to Toe 10.22"(28.5cm) =US SIZE 15 =CN 47

Heel to Toe 11.4"(29cm) =US SIZE 16 =CN 48

* Tag Size: 34~48, Please make sure that these actual measurements will fit you.

The size of these shoes are made according to the standart feet size. If you have wider feet , we recommand you choose a larger size.

Womens Platform Wedge Slides Sandals Slip-on Bowknot Slippers Fa

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