$30 SCHRLING Zebra Roller Blinds Dual Flat Sheer Shades Bright White Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Flat,Roller,Zebra,Bright,Shades,Dual,Sheer,SCHRLING,$30,/feltwork590419.html,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,show.karafetov.com,Blinds,White SCHRLING Zebra Roller Blinds Dual Flat All stores are sold White Shades Bright Sheer $30 SCHRLING Zebra Roller Blinds Dual Flat Sheer Shades Bright White Home Kitchen Home Décor Products SCHRLING Zebra Roller Blinds Dual Flat All stores are sold White Shades Bright Sheer Flat,Roller,Zebra,Bright,Shades,Dual,Sheer,SCHRLING,$30,/feltwork590419.html,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,show.karafetov.com,Blinds,White

SCHRLING Zebra Roller Blinds Dual New Shipping Free Shipping Flat All stores are sold White Shades Bright Sheer

SCHRLING Zebra Roller Blinds Dual Flat Sheer Shades Bright White


SCHRLING Zebra Roller Blinds Dual Flat Sheer Shades Bright White

Product description

Color:Bright White

Zebra blinds combine versatility and light control of a blind with the elegant light filtering effect of a shade, making the best for your home decor. If your shade is standard size you can order from our size list.If not, you can customize the roller shade from us .
Specifications and Installation
28mm Aluminum roller tube 100% polyester fabric Width:20”- 70”

If your window is larger you can choose two shorter shades instead. Having two shades give you an advantage to roll them up separately.The bead chain is on the right side by default.Please contact us if you need to change it to left side.

How to customize my roller shade?
Step 1.Measure your window size and calculate your shade size.
Inside mount :
Shade width= Window width -2/5 inch
Shade height=window height or longer.
Outside mount:
Shade width=window width +4 inch
Shade height=window width + 4 inch
Step 2. Please message us the shade size and other requests ,then we’ll confirm your size and send you price and link to order.

Helpful:When ordering roller shades, the fabric will always be made at least 1” narrower than the width ordered.
The customized order can't cancel or change after 24 hours, so please confirm all the order information within 24 hours.

About us
SCHRLING is the professional designer and manufacturer of shades and blinds in Sweden since 1982. We could offer a larger collection of different fabrics and details to choose from to get the perfect product in your home. From us, you can get professional help finding the right product for your window.

SCHRLING Zebra Roller Blinds Dual Flat Sheer Shades Bright White

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