$23 QuickClip Medical Alert ID Bracelet. Custom Engraved - Orange Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment QuickClip Medical Alert ID Animer and price revision Bracelet. Engraved - Orange Custom QuickClip Medical Alert ID Animer and price revision Bracelet. Engraved - Orange Custom Engraved,Alert,QuickClip,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,ID,show.karafetov.com,Orange,/feltwork1988819.html,$23,Bracelet.,-,Custom,Medical $23 QuickClip Medical Alert ID Bracelet. Custom Engraved - Orange Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment Engraved,Alert,QuickClip,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,ID,show.karafetov.com,Orange,/feltwork1988819.html,$23,Bracelet.,-,Custom,Medical

QuickClip Medical Alert ID Animer and price revision Bracelet. Engraved - Max 68% OFF Orange Custom

QuickClip Medical Alert ID Bracelet. Custom Engraved - Orange


QuickClip Medical Alert ID Bracelet. Custom Engraved - Orange

Product description


Share in the excitement with the newest addition of our QuickClip Medical Alert ID bracelets. This bracelet is made from super soft hypoallergenic silicone to ensure a comfortable fit without compromising style. The bracelet is fully waterproof so no need to worry when you swim, shower or wash with it. Choose from any of our four vibrant colors to either play it safe or make your personal statement.

The stainless-steel matte finish engraving plate measures 1.2 x .71 inches (30 mm x 18 mm) and allows for 9 lines of custom engraving (5 front and 4 back) and each with 22 characters. Engrave on the back if you choose to keep your information confidential! Your engraved message will be attention-grabbing in any emergency with the use of our bold, high contrast black laser lettering.

Includes an acid etched, blue color filled medical alert Star of Life badge which can be removed or added depending upon your desire.

Our QuickClip medical alert ID bracelets are adjustable to fit wrist sizes between 6.0 and 8 3/4 inches. Any excess strap is tucked away on the inside of the bracelet or can be cut off if you desire. The clasp is a simple button clip that securely adjusts your bracelet to the size you choose.

Each purchase of our engraved medical ID includes our exclusive Emergency Medical Card and protective Tyvek sleeve for you to add your medications, medical conditions, allergies, and other emergency information to carry with you. You can also take advantage of our optional, no obligation online medical registry to enjoy the following benefits:

    • Secure, easy-to-use online registry to complete your medical information
    • Update your information as frequently as you want
    • Clear and concise printed data saved on a credit card sized form
    • Includes a highly visible medical alert Star of Life Tyvek protective sleeve to securely carry your medical information!

QuickClip Medical Alert ID Bracelet. Custom Engraved - Orange

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