Roland Sands Design Contrast Cut Set 0062-4006-B Free Shipping Cheap Bargain Gift Regulator Lever $123 Roland Sands Design Contrast Cut Regulator Lever Set 0062-4006-B Automotive Motorcycle Powersports Sands,Design,Regulator,Contrast,$123,,Lever,Roland,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,Set,Cut,0062-4006-B,/eurygnathic380921.html Roland Sands Design Contrast Cut Set 0062-4006-B Free Shipping Cheap Bargain Gift Regulator Lever Sands,Design,Regulator,Contrast,$123,,Lever,Roland,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,Set,Cut,0062-4006-B,/eurygnathic380921.html $123 Roland Sands Design Contrast Cut Regulator Lever Set 0062-4006-B Automotive Motorcycle Powersports

Roland Sands Design Contrast Cut Set 0062-4006-B Free Shipping Cheap All items free shipping Bargain Gift Regulator Lever

Roland Sands Design Contrast Cut Regulator Lever Set 0062-4006-B


Roland Sands Design Contrast Cut Regulator Lever Set 0062-4006-B

Product description

• These race inspired levers are not only stylish stock replacements, but customizable for any size mitt• Enjoy the comfort of adjustability and a wide finger pull area on the RSD regulator lever• Twist adjuster easily modifies the lever distance from the handlebar• CNC machined from billet aluminum• Lever surface shape designed for a comfortable and smooth feel• Laser-engraved RSD logo

Roland Sands Design Contrast Cut Regulator Lever Set 0062-4006-B

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