$59 Dry Core Bit for Brick and Concrete Block with Pilot Bit - 2-3/4 Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Dry Core Bit for Brick and Concrete Pilot New product! New type 4 with Block - 2-3 $59 Dry Core Bit for Brick and Concrete Block with Pilot Bit - 2-3/4 Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools and,for,show.karafetov.com,/dysphasia63991.html,-,Bit,Dry,Block,$59,2-3/4,Core,with,Brick,Pilot,Bit,Concrete,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools Dry Core Bit for Brick and Concrete Pilot New product! New type 4 with Block - 2-3 and,for,show.karafetov.com,/dysphasia63991.html,-,Bit,Dry,Block,$59,2-3/4,Core,with,Brick,Pilot,Bit,Concrete,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools

Dry Core Bit for Brick and Concrete Pilot New product type 4 with New product!! Block - 2-3

Dry Core Bit for Brick and Concrete Block with Pilot Bit - 2-3/4


Dry Core Bit for Brick and Concrete Block with Pilot Bit - 2-3/4

Product description

Size:2-3/4 inch

Designed for drilling masonry, concrete block and brick - Pilot Bit Included - Multiple sizes available - 2-3/4" Diameter - Arbor: SDS Plus - Drilling depth: 9.5" - High diamond concentration and quality guarantee longer coring life

Dry Core Bit for Brick and Concrete Block with Pilot Bit - 2-3/4


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