$59 ADVPRO Barber Shop Hair Cut Scissor Pole Display Dual Color LED Office Products Office School Supplies Cut,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Scissor,Dual,Barber,show.karafetov.com,Color,Shop,LED,/dilatant61003.html,$59,Pole,Display,Hair,ADVPRO ADVPRO Barber Ranking TOP17 Shop Hair Cut Scissor Color Dual Display LED Pole ADVPRO Barber Ranking TOP17 Shop Hair Cut Scissor Color Dual Display LED Pole $59 ADVPRO Barber Shop Hair Cut Scissor Pole Display Dual Color LED Office Products Office School Supplies Cut,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Scissor,Dual,Barber,show.karafetov.com,Color,Shop,LED,/dilatant61003.html,$59,Pole,Display,Hair,ADVPRO

ADVPRO Barber Ranking TOP17 Shop Hair Cut Scissor Color Max 50% OFF Dual Display LED Pole

ADVPRO Barber Shop Hair Cut Scissor Pole Display Dual Color LED


ADVPRO Barber Shop Hair Cut Scissor Pole Display Dual Color LED

Product Description

Dream Home Comes True!

ADVPRO Dual Color Signs are great gifts for everyone, for every occasion amp; for everywhere! Compare to the traditional gas-filled tube neon signs, our signs are:

  • More affordable (50-70% cheaper!)
  • Less electricity consumed (3 watt only! Save money in the long run! )
  • More environmental friendly amp; safer to use amp; touch (no noxious gas, no mercury, very little heat)
  • Less maintenance required (no need to refill gas, can last for 50,000 hrs/ 5-10 yrs)
  • Overall size: W 12"x H 8" (W 300mm x H 210mm) or W 16"x H 12" (W 400mm x H 300mm) or W 24"x H 16" (W 600mm x H 400mm). Use LED as light source, consumes only 3 watt, life span is longer than 50,000 hours
  • Provide a 5.5 ft/ 1.6m wire with ON/OFF switch function. (US plug 110v to USA amp; CA) (UK plug 240v to UK) (AU plug 240v to AU amp; NZ) (EU plug 240v to EU amp; other countries)
  • Maintenance free: No noxious gas amp; mercury, no periodic refill needed
  • Safe to use: Very little heat emitted, absolutely safe to use or touch
  • ADVPRO signs are carved by the latest 3D, Surface and Line engraving technologies (attractive in all directions). We do not produce the signs with stickers or the laser engraving method which only provides 2D surface effect

You can even change color whenever you feel bored with the original one by purchasing a replacement bulb. What are you waiting for! Take it to your home now!

Light weight and easy to install!

Perfect Decoration for Your Home Bar, Man Cave, Garage, Game Room and Kitchen!

  • 3 Sizes for you to choose!
  • 13 different color mixes to fit your room's design!
  • Customize your name, your theme, your year of establishment and more..........
Light weight and easy to install!

Customize Your Own Theme!

Great decoration in any rooms!

13 color mixes to choose from!

ADVPRO Barber Shop Hair Cut Scissor Pole Display Dual Color LED

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