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Our shop most popular Excellent Ruiqas Knee Support Brace Twin Hinged Breath

Ruiqas Knee Support Brace, Twin Hinged Knee Support Brace Breath


Ruiqas Knee Support Brace, Twin Hinged Knee Support Brace Breath

Product description



1. Open front design means it is very easy to put on and take off.

2. Features two hinged system at two sides, which can adjust the longitudinal angle with the knee smoothly, improve stability around the whole knee area.

3. Two hook amp; loop straps can be tightened for an accurate, individual fit, ensuring your knee is kept stabilized during movement.

4. Superior breathable fabric that provides good warmth and compression, and in some cases speed up healing.

5. Gradually reducing the support will help with the rehabilitation of your knee.

6. The inside is well padded for maximum comfort.

7. Open patella design provides ventilation and relieves pressure on the knee cap.

8. Suitable for both left and right knees, perfect for improving stability to the whole of your knee area.


Just slip the brace behind your knee, fastener the hook amp; loop on the front, above and below your knee. Then adjust the tightness of the brace with the two wrap-around straps.

You're able to remove the hinges so you can wash the brace, also as your knee recovers you can remove them and use the breathable material and hook amp; loop straps to provide the support.


Color: Black

Material: Aluminum Alloy + Breathable Fabric

Length: 310mm

Size: M | L | XL | XXL

For knee circumference:

M: 31-35cm / 12.2-13.78inch

L: 35-40cm / 13.78-15.75inch

XL: 41-46cm / 16.14-18.11inch

XXL: 47-51cm / 18.5-20inch


Please allow 1-3cm (0.4-1.18") difference due to manual measurement and slight color variation for different display setting.

Thank you for your understanding, nice day!

Package Includes:

1 x Twin Hinged Knee Support Brace

Ruiqas Knee Support Brace, Twin Hinged Knee Support Brace Breath

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