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Los Angeles Mall Zumer Sport Football Ranking TOP11 Leather Army Knights Portfolio Black P

Zumer Sport Football Leather Army Black Knights Army Portfolio P


Zumer Sport Football Leather Army Black Knights Army Portfolio P

Product description

Zumer Sport portfolios are made from actual sports ball materials. They're the only portfolios available that look and feel just like a real game ball because they are made from the same exact materials. There is a full size 8.5" x 11" ruled pad of note paper inside as well as a business card holder and a pen holder loop. These portfolios are perfect for the game, work, school, home, or anywhere in between. They make a great gift for any fan, player, coach, parent, teacher, student, son, daughter, mother, father, or anyone else. Be prepared for people to ask where you got this!

Zumer Sport Football Leather Army Black Knights Army Portfolio P

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