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Round Cooling Racks Steaming Grilling Rack Popular brand Stainless Steel Fits Year-end gift

Round Cooling Racks Steaming Grilling Rack Stainless Steel,Fits


Round Cooling Racks Steaming Grilling Rack Stainless Steel,Fits

Product description

Size:Dia 11"

Description: Stainless steel baking rack, smooth edges without rough spots, you can easily grasp.
The tight parallel lines prevent food from falling, the triangular feet increase the stability during use, and the overall mirror technology can easily release food and clean.
Direct steaming of vegetables or food can also be used as a cooling rack and grill for cakes, or as a perfect support for pots and pans.
On any occasion, the baking racks cooling is of extraordinary value and perfect gift.

Prompt: 1. Before storing,please use soft dishcloth to clean the rack for the beauty of its surface.
2. Please clean and dry the rack after using for its durability.

Brand name:InBlossoms InBlossoms aims to provide high quality product with fashionable design and reasonable price to people all around the world.
We will always strive to improve our services. Customer satisfaction is at the core of our business.
We focus on supplying all kinds of quality, stylish and attractive items to help improve customers' high quality life.
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InBlossoms's Service: At InBlossoms we are committed to producing quality products that we know you will love.
If for any reason you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase, contact us so that we can be of assistance.
If for any reason you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase, contact us so that we can be of assistance.

Round Cooling Racks Steaming Grilling Rack Stainless Steel,Fits

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