,$35,Litchfield,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,/deign352331.html,LONDON,FOG,Men's LONDON FOG Litchfield Men's Regular dealer $35 LONDON FOG Men's Litchfield Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men LONDON FOG Litchfield Men's Regular dealer $35 LONDON FOG Men's Litchfield Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men,$35,Litchfield,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,/deign352331.html,LONDON,FOG,Men's

Limited Special Price LONDON FOG Litchfield Men's Regular dealer

LONDON FOG Men's Litchfield


LONDON FOG Men's Litchfield

Product description

27 1/2 inches microfiber hipster with contrast top collar and multi pocket front. Covered zipper front with logo zipper. Two reverse welt stitch framed chest pockets with zippers. Two lower stitched framed angled wide welt pockets. Adjustable snap cuff. Mesh upper body lining with poly twill kicker and inside pockets. Accent pop color in front zipper taping which also matches the label patch and braided locker loop.

From the manufacturer

Golf Flint Durham Iconic Plymouth Signature
London Fog Men's Auburn Zip-Front Golf Jacket LONDON FOG Men's Flint Short Single Breasted Rain Coat London Fog Men's Durham Rain Coat with Zip-Out Body London Fog Men's Iconic Trench Coat London Fog Men's Plymouth Double Breasted Belted Micro Twill Light Lined Trench London Fog Men's Signature Wool Blend Top Coat
Sizes Regular, Big amp; Tall Regular Short, Regular, Long Short, Regular, Long Short, Regular, Long Short, Regular, Long
Color Black, Navy, Olive, Camel amp; More Black amp; Taupe Black, British Khaki amp; Covert Black, British Khaki amp; Covert Covert Green amp; Dark Khaki Black, Camel amp; Charcoal
Washing Instructions Machine Wash Machine Wash Machine Wash Machine Wash Machine Wash Dry Clean Only
Wind Proof
Water Resistant

LONDON FOG Men's Litchfield

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