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Goplus 67% OFF of fixed price Money Counter Machine Portable M Bill Counting w Selling

Goplus Money Counter Machine, Portable Bill Counting Machine w/M


Goplus Money Counter Machine, Portable Bill Counting Machine w/M

Product description

Style:Classical style

Do you want to free your hands? Use our money counter!
Counting money can be a time-consuming and laborious task. With this intelligent money counting machine, you can say goodbye to the boring and tiring manual money counting. Coming with multiple detection functions including dimensional, thickness, UV, MG, IR and MT, this reliable money counter shows great performance in accurate counting and detecting. And it has an astonishing counting speed of over 1000 bills per minute. What's more, this bill counter is equipped with multiple operating modes for convenience, including count, add, batch, auto and restart. And the 3-display screen design provides more viewing angles. As for the quality, our money counter is made of high quality ABS plastic which is extremely sturdy and durable for long-term use. Besides, the convenient handle and compact design allow you to use this money counter anywhere you need.

Powerful motor ensures fast counting with a speed of 1000pcs/min
130 bills large hopper and stacker capacity to satisfy your needs
UV, MG, IR, MT, dimensional amp; thickness detection for high accuracy
180°rotatable LCD display plus external display for more viewing angles
Multiple modes like count, add, auto, restart and batch for easy use
Ideal for business use, including shops, supermarkets and banks, etc
Below 60 dB noise ensures a super quiet working environment
Only counts the number of bills but not bill denomination
Easy to transport with a convenient hidden handle
Equipped with extra brush and screwdriver
Suitable for most currencies in the world

Color: Black + Silvery
Material: ABS Plastic
Product Dimension: 12" x 10" x 8.5"(L x W x H)
Net Weight: 10.5 lbs
Counting Speed: gt;1000pcs/min
Hopper Capacity: gt;130pcs
Stacker Capacity: gt;130pcs
Size of Countable Note: 50mm x 110mm-90mm x 190mm
Thickness of Countable Note: 0.075-0.1

Goplus Money Counter Machine, Portable Bill Counting Machine w/M

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