$32 Gugrida Mirror Polished Gold Flatware, Light weight design 36Pie Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $32 Gugrida Mirror Polished Gold Flatware, Light weight design 36Pie Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Polished,Gugrida,/cockstone61254.html,36Pie,$32,weight,show.karafetov.com,Mirror,Light,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,design,Gold,Flatware, Gorgeous Gugrida Mirror Polished Gold Flatware 36Pie Light weight design Polished,Gugrida,/cockstone61254.html,36Pie,$32,weight,show.karafetov.com,Mirror,Light,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,design,Gold,Flatware, Gorgeous Gugrida Mirror Polished Gold Flatware 36Pie Light weight design

Gorgeous High quality new Gugrida Mirror Polished Gold Flatware 36Pie Light weight design

Gugrida Mirror Polished Gold Flatware, Light weight design 36Pie


Gugrida Mirror Polished Gold Flatware, Light weight design 36Pie

Product description


Gugrida Focus on creating great design for kitchen gadgets;
We do the best to improve the kitchen life through constantly introducing good design and highly quality inspection.
our products speaks the fashion and utility language,meets for each customer's requirement and expectation.

We hope your family loves our products as much as we do :)

Eco-Friendly Flatware
HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Made of 304 stainless steel, which is safe and durable. They are corrosion resistant and rustproof, keep luxury matte for long time.

ENVIRONMENTALLY: Say no to plastic utility, it is an environmental protection way to use reusable tableware.

COMFORTABILITY: Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

SUCH A GREAT GIFT: This beautiful set a perfect gift for those eco-conscious souls among us. :)

Specific description


The Portable Utensil Set includes:

6 x Fork

6 x Knife

6 x Spoon

6 x Dessert Spoon

6 x Dessert Fork

1. Please wash the flatware set with warm soapy water before first using to wash off any residue left from the manufacturing process
2. Please clean and dry the flatware set after using for your healthy daily use, Stored in dry place for its durability

Thank you for choosing our products!. Wish you enjoy a HEALTHY amp; GREEN LIFE with our products.

Gugrida Mirror Polished Gold Flatware, Light weight design 36Pie

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