$28 CEP 100 First 1011000321 Letter Tray - Purple Office Products Office School Supplies $28 CEP 100 First 1011000321 Letter Tray - Purple Office Products Office School Supplies CEP 100 First 1011000321 - Purple Tray Letter Virginia Beach Mall Tray,100,Purple,Letter,First,-,$28,1011000321,/causson61149.html,show.karafetov.com,CEP,Office Products , Office School Supplies Tray,100,Purple,Letter,First,-,$28,1011000321,/causson61149.html,show.karafetov.com,CEP,Office Products , Office School Supplies CEP 100 First 1011000321 - Purple Tray Letter Virginia Beach Mall

CEP 100 First 1011000321 - Purple Tray Letter Virginia Max 74% OFF Beach Mall

CEP 100 First 1011000321 Letter Tray - Purple


CEP 100 First 1011000321 Letter Tray - Purple

Product description


Product Description

Pleasant to use each day thanks to its broad and deep cut-out section that facilitates easy access to contents and makes it simple to reach into the tray below when stacked. Dimensions: 35 x 25,5 x 6,5 cm

Set Contains:

1 x letter trays

CEP 100 First 1011000321 Letter Tray - Purple

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