Boch,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,302mm,and,NewWave,Soup,,Ladle,Villeroy,$40,/causson352249.html $40 Villeroy and Boch NewWave Soup Ladle 302mm Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Villeroy Ranking TOP15 and Boch NewWave Soup Ladle 302mm Boch,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,302mm,and,NewWave,Soup,,Ladle,Villeroy,$40,/causson352249.html $40 Villeroy and Boch NewWave Soup Ladle 302mm Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Villeroy Ranking TOP15 and Boch NewWave Soup Ladle 302mm

Villeroy Ranking Max 75% OFF TOP15 and Boch NewWave Soup Ladle 302mm

Villeroy and Boch NewWave Soup Ladle 302mm


Villeroy and Boch NewWave Soup Ladle 302mm

From the manufacturer


NewWave – the ultimate in trendy crockery

The unusual design of the NewWave collection is a fascinating fusion of elegant simplicity and modern style. This décor revolutionised the world of round crockery, having been inspired by geometric shapes such as squares, rectangles and triangles. These were then combined with a unique wave design, paired with asymmetry and progressive shapes to create NewWave, one of Villeroy amp; Boch’s bestsellers – strong, clear and focused on the essentials.

Crowned the “trend crockery of the year”, the décor is made from the finest Premium Porcelain; in fact, the entire collection is dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe, making it suitable for everyday use. Villeroy amp; Boch guarantees that your products bought from the manufacturer are of the highest quality and workmanship – in line with Villeroy amp; Boch’s best tradition.

Villeroy and Boch NewWave Soup Ladle 302mm

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