African Giraffe Wood Mask Tampa Mall Carving Safari Jungle w Tri Home Decor /archdapifership64397.html,Mask,Decor,Giraffe,Carving,,African,Jungle,w/Tri,Safari,Wood,$45,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Home $45 African Giraffe Wood Mask Carving Safari Jungle Home Decor w/Tri Home Kitchen Home Décor Products African Giraffe Wood Mask Tampa Mall Carving Safari Jungle w Tri Home Decor /archdapifership64397.html,Mask,Decor,Giraffe,Carving,,African,Jungle,w/Tri,Safari,Wood,$45,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Home $45 African Giraffe Wood Mask Carving Safari Jungle Home Decor w/Tri Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

African Giraffe Wood Mask Tampa Mall Carving Safari Jungle w Tri Home Decor Excellence

African Giraffe Wood Mask Carving Safari Jungle Home Decor w/Tri


African Giraffe Wood Mask Carving Safari Jungle Home Decor w/Tri

Product description

Hand made wooden giraffe mask with tribal carvings. Made from albesia wood each one accented with tribal carvings and gold leaf paint. A unique and stylized giraffe mask that you wont find on the internet. Measurements are approximately 39" x 8"

African Giraffe Wood Mask Carving Safari Jungle Home Decor w/Tri

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