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Korean Max 42% New product!! OFF Hangul Taekwondo Wall Scroll Custom Calligraphy Asian

Korean Hangul Taekwondo Wall Scroll/Custom Asian Calligraphy


Korean Hangul Taekwondo Wall Scroll/Custom Asian Calligraphy

You are looking at a Korean calligraphy wall scroll featuring the words for taekwondo in Korean hangul. This taekwondo scroll will look very cool hanging in your dojo.

The silk scroll is hand made and available in eight different colors and the calligraphy is hand painted just for you (not a print!)

Choose to have this Korean wall art customized with the word taekwondo or another martial arts word or phrase.

Each scroll is completely handmade and will be about 11” X 32” (28 X 81 CM).

Korean Hangul Taekwondo Wall Scroll/Custom Asian Calligraphy

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