$42 Vince Camuto Women's VC693 Cat-Eye Sunglasses, 54 mm Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Vince Camuto Women's VC693 OFFicial mm Sunglasses Cat-Eye 54 Vince Camuto Women's VC693 OFFicial mm Sunglasses Cat-Eye 54 show.karafetov.com,/archdapifership381097.html,Vince,mm,$42,Camuto,Cat-Eye,VC693,Women's,Sunglasses,,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,54 show.karafetov.com,/archdapifership381097.html,Vince,mm,$42,Camuto,Cat-Eye,VC693,Women's,Sunglasses,,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,54 $42 Vince Camuto Women's VC693 Cat-Eye Sunglasses, 54 mm Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women

Bargain Vince Camuto Women's VC693 OFFicial mm Sunglasses Cat-Eye 54

Vince Camuto Women's VC693 Cat-Eye Sunglasses, 54 mm


Vince Camuto Women's VC693 Cat-Eye Sunglasses, 54 mm

Product description

100 percent uv protective lenses. Cat eye with metal bridge.


From the manufacturer




VINCE CAMUTO is a New York City-born American fashion legend who built a lifestyle brand upon the principles of quality, innovation, style, and accessibility in footwear, clothing, and eyewear. Sexy, sophisticated, versatile, and modern, VINCE CAMUTO offers quality pieces with luxe details for standout style. Check out our latest assortment of timeless sunglasses for both men and women! Confident and bold with style to match.

  • CONTEMPORARY SHADES: Enjoy a new pair of mod VINCE CAMUTO shades, comfortable to wear all day, both indoors and outdoors, while you lounge in your backyard, take a leisurely stroll in the neighborhood, relax at the beach, read your favorite book poolside, drive in your car, go shopping or while you capture your next breath-taking moment! Suitable for fall, winter, spring, and summer.
  • ASSORTED FRAME COLOR OPTIONS: Select from assorted frame color options that are made of a sturdy and lightweight metal or polycarbonate material that is easy-to-wear to suit your personal style. Metal frame options include clear comfortable and adjustable nose pads.
  • UV PROTECTIVE LENS: All VINCE CAMUTO sunglasses include a comfortable and impact-resistant polycarbonate lens with a protective coating that shields and protects your eyes from the sun's natural ultraviolet rays, even on cloudy days when UV rays are just as potent.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT for MEN and WOMEN: Treat yourself to a pair of new VINCE CAMUTO sunglasses and give a new pair of sunglasses to those special women and men in your life too. The Perfect Gift for Yourself, Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Wife, Husband, Daughter, Son, Grandmother, Grandfather, Aunt, Uncle, Niece, Nephew, Friend, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Partner, Cousin, Boss, Colleague, Bridal Party, Groomsmen. Grab an extra pair for both of you as a backup!
  • SUNGLASS CASE: Each pair of VINCE CAMUTO sunglasses comes with a soft black microfiber VINCE CAMUTO sunglass pouch with drawstring closure to use as a cleaning cloth, prevent scratches, keep clean and for safe storage.




  • Prevent Health Problems from Exposure to the Sun’s Harmful Ultraviolet Rays which are as Strong on Cloudy as on Sunny Days
  • Protect Your Eyes from the Elements like the: Snow (UV Reflective), Wind, Sand, Wind, Dust
  • Promote Healing and Recovery from Eye Procedures and Surgeries
  • Improve Visibility on Sunny Days so You Can Enjoy the Outdoors More
  • Minimize Headaches and Migraines Triggered by Sunlight Exposure so You are More Comfortable in the Light
  • Reduce Eyestrain and Fatigue from Exposure to the Sun
  • Feel Safer While You Drive by Shielding Your Beautiful Eyes from the Sun’s Brightness
  • Complete Your Fashion Statement with a Shape, Color, and Size that Fits Your Own Personal Style
  • Meet Your Needs for Different Activities, both Indoors and Outdoors
  • Coordinate Your Sunglasses with Different Clothing Outfits and even Match Your Favorite Hats and Caps


VM609 GUN VM611 SV VM614 OX VM615 GY VM620 TS VM603 OX
CLICK: Handsome Metal Navigator Sunglusses CLICK: Snazzy Metal Wrap Sunglasses CLICK: Geometric Shield Sunglasses CLICK: Classic Rectangular Sunglasses CLICK: Refined Rectangular Sunglasses CLICK: Sleek Metal Aviator Sunglasses
Frame Shape Rectangular Wrap Shield Rectangular Rectangular Aviator
Color Options Gunmetal, Bronze, Silver Silver, Gunmetal Black, Gunmetal Grey, Black Tortoise, Grey, Black Black, Gunmetal, Silver
Lens Width 62 Millimeters 62 Millimeters 60.9 Millimeters 55 Millimeters 54 Millimeters 59 Millimeters
UV Protective Lens Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tinted Lens Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sunglass Case Included Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Men's Style Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
The Perfect Gift for Men Definitely Definitely Definitely Definitely Definitely Definitely
Style Number VM605 GUN VM611 SLV VM614 OX VM615 GY VM619 TS VM603 OX
VC862 IV VC864 BRN VC867 OX VC890 TS VC899 OX VC967 PKTS
CLICK: Large Square Sunglasses with Signature Logo CLICK: Glamorous Geometric Sunglasses with Metal Temple CLICK: Large Round Sunglasses with Iconic Metal Logo Crest Temple CLICK: Timeless Butterfly Sunglasses CLICK: Fashionable Cat-Ey Sunglasses CLICK: Two-Tone Cat-Eye Sunglasses
Frame Shape Square Geometric Round Butterfly Cat-Eye Cat-Eye
Color Options Ivory, Black Brown, Black amp; Grey, Tortoise Black, Ivory, Tortoise Tortoise, Black Black, Nude, Tortoise, Blue Pink/Tortoise, Black, Tortoise
Lens Width 65 Millimeters 60 Millimeters 68 Millimeters 52 Millimeters 55 Millimeters 53 Millimeters
UV Protective Lens
Tinted Lens
Sunglass Case Included
Women's Style
The Perfect Gift for Women
Style Number VC862 IVY VC864 BN VC867 OX VC890 TS VC899 BL VC967 PKTS


  • AVIATORS: Let your hair down with your favorite outfit and aviator sunnies that shape your face best with solid colors and delicate jewelry
  • BUTTERFLY: Choose beautiful butterfly sunglass frames shaped like butterfly wings, with slightly smaller inner than outer edges
  • CAT-EYE: Share your feline instincts with angular cat-eye or cat-shaped sunnies for the latest trend-right style
  • GEOMETRIC: Choose pentagon, hexagon, octagonal-shaped styles for a softer look
  • HEART: Pick playful and fun heart-shaped frames that stand out and help spread more joy and love!
  • OVAL: Think Jackie-O and Hollywood-Glam with soft rounded edges that are flattering for almost all face shapes
  • OVER-SIZED: Sprinkle drama to your day with over-sized shades to block out UV rays (and if you want to stay shady)
  • RECTANGULAR/SQUARE: Select rectangular or square sunnies for those with rounder-shaped faces and a high nose bridge
  • RIMLESS: Select classic rimless sunglass styles where the lens is mounted directly to the nose bridge and temples
  • ROUND/PANTO: Channel your inner John Lennon and Disco Diva look that never goes out of style
  • SEMI-RIMLESS: Choose semi-rimless glasses, with only have half a frame, to create a refined and timeless look
  • SHIELD: Wear shield sunglasses for those bright sunny days to look fashionable and have the best all-over coverage for your eyes and face
  • WRAP-AROUND/SPORT: Select wrap-around or sport styles with a semi-circular frame shape that blocks out light from the sides

If your face shape is:

  • HEART: Choose cat-eye or round sunglass styles for heart-shaped faces with wide forehead and cheekbones, and narrow chin
  • OBLONG: Pair over-sized and wrap-around sunglass styles with long faces with narrow chin and cheeks
  • OVAL: Wear any pair of sunnies with gently angular shapes for an oval-shaped face, featuring a balanced forehead, cheekbones, and jaw
  • SQUARE: Select round, oval and cat-eye styles that are all well suited for square-shaped faces with a broad forehead and square jawline
  • ROUND: Pick wide rectangular-shaped sunglasses for rounder faces with full cheekbones, and narrow forehead, and jaw
  • GRADIENT-TINTED LENS: Lens that are tinted from the top down, so that the top of the lens is darkest. Good for driving to shield your eyes from overhead sunlight, allowing more light through the bottom half of the lens so you can see your dashboard clearly
  • MIRRORED SUNGLASS LENS: Durable, unique lenses featuring a thin, metal material with color variations to help reflect light. Lenses look shiny on the outside, kind of like you are looking at a mirror (hence the name) - use to touch up your lipstick as an added benefit!
  • BLUE-TINTED LENS: Not only look cool but also protects against UVA and UVB rays, providing excellent visibility during moderate sunlight and in hazy, foggy, or snowy conditions. Helps to reduce glare and enhance color perception. Enhances the natural blue of the water and the sky in any condition. Can also have a calming effect for those with anxiety or "visual stress"
  • PINK-TINTED LENS: Helps to reduce eyestrain, improve depth perception and road visibility, and aid in contrast adjustment. Great to wear for sports that involve speed, such as biking or racing, and for situations where you need to be sure of your footing, such as running, hiking, or rock climbing
  • SMOKE or GREY-TINTED LENS: A neutral all-purpose tone believed to provide the truest colors and provide the highest level of glare resistance
  • BROWN-TINTED LENS: Also referred to as an Amber Lens, this lens color is believed to enhance clarity, lessen glare, and best for outdoor activities
  • ROSE-TINTED LENS: Similar to brown and amber lenses, in that it effectively scatters blue light and enhances contrast
  • GREEN-TINTED LENS: Known to provide increased contrast in low light situations, while minimizing eyestrain in bright light
  • YELLOW-TINTED LENS: Dramatically enhances depth perception and perception in low light conditions. Frequently used for driving glasses

Vince Camuto Women's VC693 Cat-Eye Sunglasses, 54 mm

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Minx + Muse

Minx + Muse is a fiercely feminine playhouse that cultivates self-discovery and empowerment through esoerotic