$119 Abus GameChanger Road Cycling Helmet - In-Mold Protection, Force Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation In-Mold,Helmet,Protection,,-,Cycling,GameChanger,show.karafetov.com,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Force,Abus,/archdapifership352397.html,Road,$119 Abus GameChanger Road Reservation Cycling Helmet Force - In-Mold Protection Abus GameChanger Road Reservation Cycling Helmet Force - In-Mold Protection $119 Abus GameChanger Road Cycling Helmet - In-Mold Protection, Force Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation In-Mold,Helmet,Protection,,-,Cycling,GameChanger,show.karafetov.com,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Force,Abus,/archdapifership352397.html,Road,$119

Abus online shop GameChanger Road Reservation Cycling Helmet Force - In-Mold Protection

Abus GameChanger Road Cycling Helmet - In-Mold Protection, Force


Abus GameChanger Road Cycling Helmet - In-Mold Protection, Force

Product description

The game changer sets new standards. Take the fight to the biggest enemy of speed - Air resistance. For all cyclists, The fight against the wind is considered one of the biggest challenges. With its multi-position design, The game changer redefines aerodynamics. The special shape ensures a reduced wind attack surface in all conditions - Regardless of the head inclination and different angles of Attack. The innovative forced air cooling technology absorbs the incoming air, channels It around the Head and ensures a perfect climate and a cool head even in hot races.

From the manufacturer

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History, quality and innovation

Named a German Brand of the Century, ABUS has been building locks in their own factories since 1924. Backed by four generations of family knowledge with teams of in-house engineers and tool makers, ABUS uses the highest quality materials, rigorous testing methods and constant innovation in their quest to make premium locks.

Abus GameChanger Road Cycling Helmet - In-Mold Protection, Force

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