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LVL10 Sports Pinnies - Reversible and New product type Vest Practice Pen Import Numbered

LVL10 Sports Pinnies - Reversible and Numbered Practice Vest Pen


LVL10 Sports Pinnies - Reversible and Numbered Practice Vest Pen

Product description

Are you looking for soccer pinnies that will last season after season?
As parents that have coached youth sports for years and played in every imaginable sports league, we’ve seen and worn our fair share of sports pinnies.

Haven’t we all worn ill-fitting pinnies that felt crazy loose and slipped off your shoulder or ones where the holes were so big it was hard to tell if it was meant for your head or arm! And those dang mesh ones seemed to barely make it the whole season since they were so easily torn and ripped due to debatable illegal play :)

We decided to create a line of LVL10 Sports pennies for kids and adults that are super durable, comfortable to wear, and versatile in use. Made from premium materials and stitching, these soccer vests can withstand a lot of punishment from contant physical game action.

Why choose ours? All twelve pinnies are reversible in contrasting colors. No need to split up in equal teams and can now divvy-up sides unevenly (i.e. 7 v 5, 8 v 4) to appropriately balance out both squads. Or all 12 players can wear the same color side to take on another whole team.

Each pinnie is numbered on the front amp; back to easily identify players from every angle. Having numbers on the jerseys is useful in various drills (i.e. split up players by odds/evens).

More reasons why you’ll love LVL10 Sports Pennies:
Weatherproof: Battle tested in brutally humid Minnesota summers and icy upstate NY winters
Perfect for all sports: Soccer, Lacrosse, Basketball, Football, Rugby, Ultimate Frisbee
Great for other uses: Gym class, Family parties, Classrooms in Schools
Lifetime Guarantee: We personally inspect each item in our garage before sending out to Amazon. Thank you for supporting our local WA state small business! We know sizing in apparel can be tricky so if you are not happy with the size received we will gladly work with you to ensure you receive the size that meets your needs.

LVL10 Sports Pinnies - Reversible and Numbered Practice Vest Pen

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Minx + Muse is a fiercely feminine playhouse that cultivates self-discovery and empowerment through esoerotic