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Barbie Strollin Very popular Cheap sale Playset Pups

Barbie Strollin Pups Playset


Barbie Strollin Pups Playset

Product description

Product Description

BARBIE STROLLI'n PUPS Set: Barbie doll is taking her dog Taffy for a stroll, with her new puppy riding along for more fun! Taffy can be attached to the stroller where she really “walks” and the puppy head bobs! Pet tote for puppy is also removable for on-the-go play. Includes doll, 2 dogs (1 large and 1 small), stroller and carrier bag. Instruction sheet included. Exclusively at Target. Doll cannot stand or walk alone. Ages 3 and older. T7197 STD. PAK 6 UPC CODE: 027084-92721-4.

From the Manufacturer

Barbie Strollin' Pups: Barbie doll is taking her dog Taffy for a stroll, with her new puppy riding along for more fun. Taffy can be attached to the stroller where she really walks and the puppy head bobs. Pet tote for puppy is also removable for on-the-go play. Includes doll, 2 dogs, stroller and carrier bag.

Barbie Strollin Pups Playset

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Minx + Muse is a fiercely feminine playhouse that cultivates self-discovery and empowerment through esoerotic