Pavoni Topics on TV GG012 Olive Silicone Freezing Mold Mould Baking $27 Pavoni GG012 Olive Silicone Baking Mold Freezing Mould Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,$27,Silicone,Olive,Mould,Baking,Freezing,Pavoni,GG012,/archdapifership328397.html,,Mold $27 Pavoni GG012 Olive Silicone Baking Mold Freezing Mould Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Pavoni Topics on TV GG012 Olive Silicone Freezing Mold Mould Baking Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,$27,Silicone,Olive,Mould,Baking,Freezing,Pavoni,GG012,/archdapifership328397.html,,Mold

Pavoni Topics on TV GG012 Olive Silicone Freezing Mold Mould Baking Mail order cheap

Pavoni GG012 Olive Silicone Baking Mold Freezing Mould


Pavoni GG012 Olive Silicone Baking Mold Freezing Mould

Product description

Pavoni GG012 Olive Silicone Baking Mold Freezing Mould

1 mold with 30 olive-shaped cavities
Size each cavity 1.26 inch x 0.87 inch x 0.71 inch high (32 millimeters x 22 millimeters x 18 millimeters high)
Volume each cavity 0.24 ounce (7 milliliters)
Size of entire sheet 11.8 inch x 6.89 inch (300 millimeters x 175 millimeters)
100-percent platinum silicone safe in microwave, oven (up to 482 Fahrenheit / 250 Celsius), freezer (down to -40 Fahrenheit / -40 Celsius) and dishwasher

Before using it for the first time, wash this mold in the dishwasher. Do not use caustic cleaners or rinse aids.

Before placing it in the oven for the first time, grease the mold.

Italy-based company Pavoni makes products including but not limited to silicone baking mats and baking molds (including Formaflex, Pavoflex and Pavocake), silicone ice cream molds with hinges for inserting sticks during preparation (before freezing), silicone chocolate molds, polycarbonate chocolate molds, thermoformed plastic chocolate molds, transfer and textured sheet for designing chocolate, stainless steel tart rings and tools for shaping chocolate, plus food colors, as well as machines for commercial foodservice.

Pavoni GG012 Olive Silicone Baking Mold Freezing Mould

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