WG154,Edger,Cordless,WA0010,show.karafetov.com,20V,10",WORX,Patio, Lawn Garden , Outdoor Power Tools,/Miminae60871.html,String,6-Pack,Trimmer,$58 WORX WG154 Edger 20V 10" Trimmer WA0010 Cordless String 6-Pack Oklahoma City Mall $58 WORX WG154 Edger 20V 10" Cordless String Trimmer WA0010 6-Pack Patio, Lawn Garden Outdoor Power Tools WORX WG154 Edger 20V 10" Trimmer WA0010 Cordless String 6-Pack Oklahoma City Mall $58 WORX WG154 Edger 20V 10" Cordless String Trimmer WA0010 6-Pack Patio, Lawn Garden Outdoor Power Tools WG154,Edger,Cordless,WA0010,show.karafetov.com,20V,10",WORX,Patio, Lawn Garden , Outdoor Power Tools,/Miminae60871.html,String,6-Pack,Trimmer,$58

WORX WG154 Edger 20V 10

WORX WG154 Edger 20V 10" Cordless String Trimmer WA0010 6-Pack


WORX WG154 Edger 20V 10" Cordless String Trimmer WA0010 6-Pack

Product description

WORX WG154 Edger 20V 10" Cordless String Trimmer
The WORX WG154 is a compact amp; light weight cordless trimmer that quickly converts from a trimmer to an edger amp; vise-versa in S. There is a one touch easy, no-tool conversion to go from one function to the other. The trimmer/Edger runs on a 20V lithium battery for longer run time amp; has a fixed front handle for comfort amp; control. The WG154 has an adjustable cutting width from 10" To 12" For extended run time amp; cutting path. The folding spacer guard helps protect flowers amp; ornamental landscaping.

WORX WA0010 6-Pack Replacement Trimmer Line for Select Electric String Trimmers
WORX 6 pack timmer/edger line is made from a patented copolymer nylon resin and synthetic material designed with an oval aerodynamic shape known as DNA2 DoubleHelix Line. This patented design increases edging life up to 25-percent compared to normal use conditions. This resin line is softer, allowing for the line to stretch and cushion on impact with hard surfaces. It has over 100 lbs of tensil strength compared to old lines that only offer 68 lbs of strength. DNA2 trimmer line is durable and flexible for longer life. This replacement line is compatible with the following WORX trimmer and edger models: WG150, WG151, WG151.5, WG152, WG153, WG154, WG155, WG155.5, WG156, WG157, WG160, WG160.1, WG160.2, WG163, WG165, WG175, WG180

WORX WG154 Edger 20V 10" Cordless String Trimmer WA0010 6-Pack

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