Irregular Edge Glass Bowls Glacier Tulsa Mall Serving Mixing Grey Bo $30 Irregular Edge Glass Bowls, Glacier Serving Grey Glass Mixing Bo Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Irregular Edge Glass Bowls Glacier Tulsa Mall Serving Mixing Grey Bo $30 Irregular Edge Glass Bowls, Glacier Serving Grey Glass Mixing Bo Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Irregular,Edge,Serving,,Bowls,,Glass,Bo,Glass,Grey,$30,Mixing,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,/2021/02/southern-swapmeet-2021/,Glacier Irregular,Edge,Serving,,Bowls,,Glass,Bo,Glass,Grey,$30,Mixing,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,/2021/02/southern-swapmeet-2021/,Glacier

Irregular Edge Glass Bowls Glacier Max 51% OFF Tulsa Mall Serving Mixing Grey Bo

Irregular Edge Glass Bowls, Glacier Serving Grey Glass Mixing Bo


Irregular Edge Glass Bowls, Glacier Serving Grey Glass Mixing Bo

Product description


The special hammer texture glass with golden trimming along the glacier bowl edges.The moving under the sunshine or light is graceful. Bring you a light luxury texture. Good for salad, fruit etc.. It is a nice bowl and decorate your table and home more fashion.It is also a good gift to mother, father, friend... Good Christmas gift!! Order and get it now.3 size in 1 package

Product Detail
Material: Non-lead glass
Weight,Size amp; Capacity: refer to picture

Due to the particularity of the product process, it is NOT suitable for open flames, steamers, ovens, microwave ovens, dishwashers, etc.
Don't cool and heat it suddenly, and don't put hot food directly after taking it out from refrigerator.
When cleaning, please avoid using steel wire balls to avoid scratches, and avoid hitting with hard objects to avoid damage.

Package including:
3 Salad bowl: Small, Medium, Large

Irregular Edge Glass Bowls, Glacier Serving Grey Glass Mixing Bo

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